Hi, I'm David.

I established the sprankle design brand so I can tell you a bit about myself and how I'm a "creative." It's a kinda corporate word, but really, what better way to describe someone who's totally into trying to make functional art and beautiful code? If you want to see more, feel free to use the links to skip to the next section.

New Work:

Service Systems Associates Site
Service Systems Associates Site

Providing visitor services for cultural attractions, SSA wanted a site that heavily featured photography but would be compatible with legacy devices.

The Nagler Agency Site
The Nagler Agency Site

Diane Nagler looked to my agency to rebrand herself and launch a new site, developed with responsive capabilities by me.

CoreSite Video
CoreSite Video

One video in a series of four that outlines CoreSite's value as a cloud provider.

Oracle Marketing 101 Video
Oracle Marketing 101 Video

One video in a series of four on concepts of marketing, designed and voiced by me.

I wanna do it all.

I figured out that design was my calling in seventh grade when I coded my first website. Since then, most of my efforts have been focused on growing my creative skills, whether that's in graphic design, web development, music production, photography or game design. You name it, I'm almost certainly down to learn it. And I think I learn pretty fast.

SSA Proposal

Starz Denver Film Festival

I have worked on creative for the film festival for the past four years, full-handedly developing concepts for two of those years, and executing collateral for all four.

SSA Proposal

SSA Proposal Booklet

This print-based, 150-page booklet that offers food and retail services for cultural attractions was designed with a clean minimalist quality in a short timeframe.

Independent Photography


In addition to design work, I'm a hobbyist photographer who jumps at a chance to document some local event or do portrait work.

Logic's the name of my game.

Design is only as good as its clarity and usefulness; a pretty design means nothing without a solid foundation (but don't get me wrong, I like making things pretty). Thanks in part to a background in IT support, I'm good at asking clients the right questions and finding the best possible solutions for their problems—even if their problem is an IE7 bug.

Rorke Data Site

Rorke Data Website

My agency was tasked with redesigning this technology firm's site, distilling a large amount of information down to a cleaner nav structure and fully redesigning their brand.

Pimp My Product

Pimp My Product

This was a full-service campaign for the sales floor of a technology reseller, encouraging them to upsell for theme-related prizes. I still have my thermally activated bling mug!

rowland+broughton Site

rowland + broughton Site

This minimal website for a Colorado-based architecture firm was designed to put the focus on the photography of the firm's work.

There's meaning in everything.

My favorite questions are "how" and "why," partially because the best design work answers them proactively. As much as I love tiny details and touches, I try to take a wide-angle approach to my work, always stepping back to consider the impact of my decisions.

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Crested Butte Wine and Food Festival

Crested Butte Wine & Food Festival

The branding and advertising work for this annual event was designed with elegance in mind, from the logo that uses the Crested Butte peak to the classical typography.

IMCA Trust Ad


My agency has developed several print campaigns and trade-show items for a wealth management organization interested in making a splash.

Branding Work

Branding Work

I have developed comprehensive brands, including logos, letterset and collateral guidelines, for several organizations. Here are several.